The Magic of Storytelling

Check out this TED video which not only illustrates the primal need humans have for stories, but also how technology can enhance our storytelling instead of inhibiting it.


(If you’re reading this in email, just click HERE to see the video)


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  1. I like the analogy he drew of social media being the new campfire around which we gather to tell our stories.

    • I agree Julie–the trick will be how to harness social media to expand story-telling rather than make it one more distraction in our lives. I hope that means that good stories/novels will always be valued.

  2. Laurel Newberry says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I worked with a magician when I was in college and truly appreciate good magic. That he has used it for illustrating the psychology of storytelling is frosting on the cake (or should I say it’s the bacon on the maple bar. lol)

    I can see that I now have to deal with a new time stealing addiction. I’m going to make these videos the “carrot” I can look forward to after keeping my writing schedule on any given day. After I get back from my walk.


    • Wow, Laurel, how cool is that? Working with a magician–sounds like great fodder for a story.

      The TED talks are addictive but you can learn so much from them: how to engage an audience, tell a story in a short time (they’re all only 18 minutes), how to use visual aids (or not) to increase the effectiveness of your talk…

      Have fun with them!