Some Days You Gotta Just Listen…

Firestorm of Star Births in Galaxy Centaurus A


I woke up this morning to find these three things all waiting in my inbox:


1. A quote from William Arthur Ward:

“Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination.”


2. This most excellent and inspirational video courtesy of the folks at Copyblogger (I’d never heard of Ze Frank before, so it was kinda cool hearing my own doubts and self-talk coming out of someone else’s mouth!)

Warning: not safe for work! And if you’re reading via email, click HERE to view.


3. This Note to Inspire from Simon Sinek:

“Those who believe that the route must remain fixed don’t get very far. Those who believe that the destination must remain fixed change the world.”


So today, I’m not fighting, not striving, I’m just listening. I know my destination (writing Thrillers with Heart) can change the world (because the power of stories has altered human destiny time and again–no room for doubt, it’s a fact). I’m ready to start, although not fearless about my start, but that’s okay.


As for unleashing my imagination? Oh yeah! That’s what gets me out of bed each and every morning.


What about you? What’s the universe telling you today? Are you listening?


PS: to top things off, when I clicked over to wikimedia while writing this post, ready to search for photos about listening or getting out of bed, I found the above picture was the image of the day–how cool is that?

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  1. I love the candle idea. I use that with my Scentsy and a scent called “French Kiss.” It is a very earthy, woodsy scent (but not like dirt and leaves or anything). I carry a peice of the melting wax in my bag, like you suggested, so I can harness the power of the smell wherever I go!

    Great post! Especially for me – someone who has a hard time getting on track sometimes.


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