Everything I Know in a Nutshell

NOTE from CJ: I get emails asking this same question several times a week, so I thought I’d post a fictional composite version along with my usual, oft-repeated answer. Subject: Quick Question Message Body: Hi CJ, I just finished reading an interview with you and had to write. I just put out my third book […]

Make Your EBook SEO Friendly!

NOTE from CJ: Please welcome Anna Fox back for a guest post on SEO. Enjoy! Many things need to be taken into account when one is writing an ebook with plans to self-publish, ranging from what you’re writing about and who you’re writing it for, to how you plan to market and sell it. With […]

Why I Cut My List in Half

You have heard me say time and again how important it is to build a mailing list of people who WANT to hear from you.   You need to cultivate this list like tending orchids: treating them to the right amount of sunshine, watering at just the right intervals, giving them extra special food you […]

Do You Have a Niche?

I’ll bet you a basket of Peeps that you do! One where you’ll find your “peeps” (aka people or tribe or target audience).   Find this sweet spot that lies somewhere between 7 billion folks on the planet and your cat who nods attentively when you read pages of your novel aloud (oh, is that […]

You Don’t Need Honey to Find Readers, You Just Need a Librarian

Since I talked on Monday about the lessons learned at the Frankfurt Book Fair about the importance of finding your readers, I thought it might be nice to let you guys know about another free publication from Sisters in Crime.   (seriously, if you’re writing any kind of crime fiction, their resources are invaluable, so […]

You Aren’t Asking the Right Question

Since BLIND FAITH hit #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, suddenly folks think I’m some kind of marketing guru.   I’ve had writers who are total strangers email me asking to tell them what my secret was.   (Silly Rabbits! They obviously didn’t bother to come over here and read the blog or […]

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