Effective Facebook Promotion

Note from CJ: The first of two special guest blogs from Anna Fox. Enjoy! Your ebook is written, you’ve got it packaged up in a beautifully presentable way, and you can finally enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in rewarding yourself for a job well-done. Not yet, you can’t. Soon, but not yet. Before [...]

Reverse Marketing: Can it Work?


Hi everyone! I promised you a while back to update you on my latest marketing experiment, so here it is.   Today I’m launching the finale of my Shadow Ops trilogy, EDGE OF SHADOWS. The twist?   It’s FREE!   That’s right. Usually people drop the price on the first book in a series but [...]

Why I Cut My List in Half

You have heard me say time and again how important it is to build a mailing list of people who WANT to hear from you.   You need to cultivate this list like tending orchids: treating them to the right amount of sunshine, watering at just the right intervals, giving them extra special food you [...]

Tactics v. Strategy


So I was listening to the Selfpublished Podcast last week (love those guys!) and in addition to smiling every time Sean repeated my mantra of: write a great book, let your readers connect with it, repeat, I also caught something he said that was very important but often overlooked.   He said: tactics are different [...]

Everything I know…

…on how to sell a million books…well, at least as much as Joanna Penn and I can talk about in an hour!   (If you’re reading this in email, click HERE to see the video)   Enjoy!  

Three Game Changers to Launch Your Career


As I prepare for what’s coming next for me (more on that in a future post), I took a look back to see what really helped to launch my career as a ProWriter and what propelled it to the level of selling a million books and hitting the major bestseller lists.   Before I tell [...]

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