Make Your EBook SEO Friendly!

NOTE from CJ: Please welcome Anna Fox back for a guest post on SEO. Enjoy! Many things need to be taken into account when one is writing an ebook with plans to self-publish, ranging from what you’re writing about and who you’re writing it for, to how you plan to market and sell it. With […]

Everything E-book at a Glance


Free, too high a price?

Part of being an indy author/publisher is learning how to ride momentum and gauge what your readership will respond to. This entails a lot of experimentation–and the ability to move quickly when you see an opportunity. Today on Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn, I’m giving you the results of my experiment with pricing. Click HERE […]

5 Easy Steps to Formatting your E-book

The title says it all! Not a week goes by that I don’t hear from someone who wants my help in formatting their e-book. I’ve posted about it several times in my FAQ on Publishing series and have free articles available on, but folks keep asking for something “easier.” So here you are, a […]

E-pubbing? Learn from My Mistakes

Note from CJ: this is a guest post from Baroness Melody Von Smith whose new book, Survivanoia, is now available. If you missed the posts with my advice on indy e-pubbing, you can find them here in my FAQ on Publishing series. And stay tuned for a new video installment coming Friday: 5 Easy Steps […]

The New Face of Publishing

Brilliant interview with Seth Godin about the future of publishing. Plus the interviewers have sexy British accents! Click HERE to listen (scroll down the page to the mp3 player) I was especially fascinated by the discussion of e-book pricing around 10 minutes in. Ever wonder why the same people often show up here on Mentor […]

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