Everything I Know in a Nutshell


NOTE from CJ: I get emails asking this same question several times a week, so I thought I’d post a fictional composite version along with my usual, oft-repeated answer. Subject: Quick Question Message Body: Hi CJ, I just finished reading an interview with you and had to write. I just put out my third book […]

Lessons Learned from Juggling 407 Books and Authors

I came up with the idea for Digital Book Day, created the site, and had it up and running for the first DBD in less than ten days. It was a whirlwind (don’t tell my agent or editor because I got no writing done that week!) and tons of fun, as well as a great […]

7 Questions that Will Change How You Publish

A week and a half ago I heard World Book Night was closing in the US, and I had the crazy notion to replicate it with digital books. And Digital Book Day was created. I did it as a way to honor readers and also to have some fun—given the chaos surrounding the publishing industry […]

Want New Readers?


If you’re as sick of hearing about the industry woes as I am, then here’s a chance to celebrate our readers (and maybe get some new ones!)I’m declaring Monday, July 14th Digital Book Day! (that’s also Bastille Day, btw!)If you have a free book you want to include, check it out: http://www.digitalbookday.com/The About and Submission […]

How to Launch Like It’s 1999


Last month I discussed why you don’t really need to worry about launching a book in a pre-ordained window. Instead, you can allow your book to build momentum rather than artificially trying to orchestrate excitement, reviews, and sales within a narrow period.   BUT, let’s face it. Writing a book is hard—damn hard. It’s most […]

A New Age of Publishing?

IRDA stciker

Here’s a snippet of my opening remarks as I presented the IndieReader Discovery Awards at BEA:   For the past two years we’ve all heard about the Indie Author Revolution. But this week here at BEA, more people were talking about a new Renaissance in publishing. A Golden Age for readers and writers.   I […]

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