10 Simple Things You Can Do to Be More Productive as a Writer

NOTE from CJ: This is a guest post from Alex Hughes via Odyssey Writing Workshops. Enjoy!   This summer, I’m teaching at the pro-level Odyssey Writing Workshop (odysseyworkshop.org), the amazing place where I learned a lot of my writing skills in the summer of 2011. In a few months, I’m returning to speak to the […]

Mission Accomplished

It is the custom here at No Rules to take a moment each New Year to decide upon a word to guide us for the rest of the year.   (Here was my 2014 Word of the Year)   This year my word is both frightening and joyful. Keep reading to find out what it […]

Your Last Chance!

Because of changes to the UK’s VAT laws regarding digital products, Joanna Penn and I will be discontinuing our ProWriter e-courses Dec. 31st.   That’s the bad news…the good news is that you have one last chance to get the courses and SAVE 25% (you can also save on all of Joanna’s other wonderful classes!) […]

Amazing Bundle of Resources

NOTE from CJ: Long term readers of No Rules have heard these names many times: Joanna Penn, Sean Platt, Johnny Truant, David Gaughran…now they’ve combined forces to create an amazing resource for writers working to take control of their careers, and it’s on sale now for only 0.99! Here’s Joanna with more info: Cue exciting […]

Facebook ads: an Infographic

NOTE from CJ: this infographic is brought to you by Ivan Serrano, a business journalist and infographic specialist. Enjoy! From Ivan: Facebook started a digital revolution when it was born. It wasn’t just a cool new fad that was soon replaced by the next big thing – it fundamentally restructured the way humans communicate with […]

Three Sides to This Fight?

Amazon v. Hachette has been the focus of the industry for going on a year now. Thousands of words, many of them laced with emotion, have been spent on this “us v. them” battle as if there are only two sides to this debate…and one must right and one must be wrong.   I’d like […]

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