Keys to the Kingdom

FINAL FINAL McCall Workman's Cover 2.22

(NOTE FROM CJ: In this, another in our guest posts covering the essentials of the writing life, author and screenwriter Rich Leder takes a look at Time Management. Enjoy!) If you’re reading this guest post, brothers and sisters, you’re not doing something else. Maybe you’re not writing your novel or checking your editor’s notes or [...]

Rejection Blues


NOTE from CJ: Rejection is part of any writer’s life. This guest post from William A. Gordon features some of the most ironic rejection notes in literary history. Sit back and enjoy!   TALES OF EDITORIAL IDIOCY By William A. Gordon     Thirty years and five books ago, I was recognized in the Guinness [...]

On Rejection and Renewal: A Note to Aspiring Novelists


NOTE from CJ: Mr. Warren Adler, author of War of the Roses, will be joining us for occasional reflections on writing as a career. Please welcome him with this first post on Rejection and Renewal.   You’ve spent months, perhaps years, composing your novel. You’ve read and reread it hundreds of times. You’ve rethought it, [...]

Everything I Know in a Nutshell


NOTE from CJ: I get emails asking this same question several times a week, so I thought I’d post a fictional composite version along with my usual, oft-repeated answer. Subject: Quick Question Message Body: Hi CJ, I just finished reading an interview with you and had to write. I just put out my third book [...]

Lessons Learned from Juggling 407 Books and Authors

I came up with the idea for Digital Book Day, created the site, and had it up and running for the first DBD in less than ten days. It was a whirlwind (don’t tell my agent or editor because I got no writing done that week!) and tons of fun, as well as a great [...]

7 Questions that Will Change How You Publish

A week and a half ago I heard World Book Night was closing in the US, and I had the crazy notion to replicate it with digital books. And Digital Book Day was created. I did it as a way to honor readers and also to have some fun—given the chaos surrounding the publishing industry [...]

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